Our attorneys are advocates for the elderly and their loved ones, handling a wide range of legal matters concerning older and disabled people, including issues related to healthcare, long-term care planning, guardianship, retirement, Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, and other important day-to-day areas.

WUK-affiliated attorneys are also sensitive to the emotional and physical needs of seniors and disabled adults and their families and have masterfully handled a variety of challenging situations.

Among the services provided and areas covered by our team are:

  • Pooled income trust and asset protections programs;
  • Wills and estate planning, planning for a minor or adult with special needs, and probate proceedings;
  • Durable Power of Attorney and Health Proxy;
  • Healthcare patient rights;
  • Financial representation: financial planning, housing opportunities and planning, and income, estate, and gift tax matters;
  • Guardianship: help with the selection and appointment of a legal guardian;
  • Locating long term care facilities and managing assisted living costs;
  • Nursing home resident rights and filing nursing home claims;
  • Family mediation;
  • And more.

Contact the WUK team and we’ll be happy to discuss any of your law-related needs.