WUK Health Group was founded to help manage your loved ones’ medical care, based on the ancient Jewish kabbalistic trifecta of Wisdom, Understanding, and Knowledge. We acknowledge the increasing medical and financial demands of senior healthcare and know how important and relieving it is to know that your loved ones are in the best hands. That’s why at the core of the services we provide stand three pillars: knowing your needs, understanding their consequences, and the wisdom to perceive how to proceed.

The American healthcare system, though it is has the potential to help you and your family tremendously, is also extraordinarily complex. As we age into more involvement in this system, it becomes increasingly important to know how to navigate it. WUK’s mission is to ensure that your healthcare needs are met, and we will go to no end to make that happen. That’s why we fully subscribe to our mantra:

“Helping American seniors and their families meet their healthcare needs with
Wisdom, Understanding and Knowledge”.

More about the WUK philosophy:

The concept of this triumvirate of mental faculties was originated by the founder of the HaBaD philosophy, R’ Shneur Zalman of Liadi (1745-1812). HaBaD in turn stands for Chochma (Wisdom), Bina (Understanding), Daat (Knowledge). According to the WUK/HaBaD philosophy, the intellect consists of three interconnected processes. In order to achieve an objective, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, one needs to engage the intellectual faculties of wisdom, understanding, and knowledge towards that end. Eventually, the emotions and the body follow the prescription of the mind.

Wisdom represents an idea in its earliest potential, called a “kernel.” A kernel is an abstract, hatchling idea devoid of details. Nonetheless, it is still necessary; there is no fruit without the right kernel.

Understanding is a more developed idea, the result of a contemplated kernel. At this point, the idea can be meaningfully expressed to others.

Knowledge is the application stage of the idea, the commitment to its creation. The internalization of the idea has at this point yielded its mental and physical realization. The determination inherent in this stage is such that no obstacle can prevent the idea’s implementation.

WUK Health applies this philosophy as a strategic model for the success of our mission and vision. By applying the WUK philosophy as an intellectual discipline towards the service of our patients, we stay alert and focused on the task at hand. Our interaction with the medical and clinical community demands of our staff the vigilance to address specifics problems affecting our patients. We believe that by applying the WUK philosophy to our work, we not only bear witness to success, but to miracles: health, contentment, and life in all its glory.